What is WireBootstrap?

WireBootstrap is a unique approach to building and deploying analytic dashboard solutions. The software uses open source and commercial components developed by creative designers and front-end developers on top of Twitter Bootstrap - the world's most popular mobile-first web framework. WireBootstrap brings these resources together into one platform and makes it easy to connect them to your enterprise data.


How Does it Work?

WireBootstrap uses a cloud-hosted designer application to register data sources, create data visualizations, and build web pages using powerful templates and components that previously required client and server-side programming.

WireBootstrap is built for widely distributed dynamic visualizations of live data. Individual presentations or complete pages can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet. All dependencies are loaded at run-time and components securely reach back to a cloud service to query on-premise or cloud-hosted databases.


Free Your Data

People are doing some really cool things with Bootstrap today building slick modern web applications. WireBootstrap accelerates this saving organizations time and money. It also addresses the biggest impediment to leverages these assets - live access to databases. Using WireBootstrap's unique data connector architecture, enterprise data can be accessed in place on a corporate network securely from any device that can access the Internet.


WireBootstrap Preview

The WireBootstrap team has been building out the technology behind WireBootstrap for years and in 2017 decided to turn it into a software platform that can be used by everyone.

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Anywhere Data Access

Securely connect to internal data from any device connected to the Internet

Take Them Anywhere Data Widgets

Accesss them in the cloud or drop them into custom applications

Plug Into Professionally Designed Templates

The power of widgets working together


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