Why WireBootstrap?

Break free of big BI to leverage the power of professionally designed data visualization components and templates that use Bootstrap, the world's most popular CSS grid system for building mobile first applications. These technologies have long required significant technical resources to implement. WireBootstrap gives the people closest to your business the tools to add enterprise data into cloud and on-premise applications with little to no technical support.

Data Widgets

Put your data into any number of third party data visualization components using WireBootstrap's widget wizard. From there, take them with you and drop them into a custom application or web site. They can plug into just about anything and automatially take care of any dependencies.

Data widgets can also be left in place and accessed directly from the WireBootstrap run-time cloud.

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Add data widgets to pages using Wire's page wizard

  • Select from a number of templates developed by the largest community of creatives in the business of graphics design
  • Build dashboard, admin, and other types of pages
  • Widgets bound to the same data sets on a page automatically talk to each other
  • Same as widgets, take pages with you or host them here
  • Pages can be downloaded and used in any web application
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Connect To Data

Wire's Connector system let's any Internet connected device access data on a corporate network securely through a firewall without a VPN or other special network configuration. Enterprise data can be accessed directly through the secure cloud gateway without being moved or copied from it's source location.

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WireBootstrap Beta

The WireBootstrap team has been building out this technology for years and in 2017 decided to turn it into something anyone can leverage.

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Anywhere Data Access

Securely connect to internal data from any device connected to the Internet

Take Them Anywhere Data Widgets

Accesss them in the cloud or drop them into custom applications

Plug Into Professionally Designed Templates

The power of widgets working together


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